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The Sacred Hoop

"Bill Broder's The Scared Hoop is a special book in which the moral qualities of the human spirit, linked to a metaphysical presence moving through history and pervading life, are persuasive and affecting. It's a fine piece of writing. A book as good as this . . . is something to inspire the courage and faith we all need to keep going."

-Robert Stone

"The Scared Hoop is a wise and eloquent book, outlining through story the tragedy and triumph of human evolution."
-Edward Abbey

"What a magnificent surprise, then, to discover something as profoundly original as The Scared Hoop... It is fiction, but Bill Broder's vision is so rooted in historical and pre-historical fact that it must be taken as a kind of literary documentary. . . . He is a master story teller, whose graceful prose is so engrossing that readers will find themselves instantly absorbed in what is sure to become a classic."
-Pat Holt, The San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle